Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How is pain a good thing??

We’ll often ask my newest practice members, “What if the sensation of pain didn’t exist?” If you have back pain or headaches or know someone who does, making the pain go away is a major goal. But what is the purpose of pain?

Why are we equipped to feel pain?

Why are we equipped to feel pain?

Pain of any type is the way your body warns you that something isn’t right.

It turns out there are some very important reasons why we’re equipped to sense pain. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary used by health professionals around the world list over 34 different types!

Pain causes you to pay attention to something that’s not working right. It’s a warning that a limit of some type has been reached that the body is not equipped to handle or cannot adapt further.

In many ways, pain is a good thing. It’s only when we misinterpret the pain or think that by making it go away without tending to its underlying cause that we get into trouble.

Many of my patients begin care because of a painful symptom or obvious health problem. And while we always show our compassion, our primary interest is in the underlying cause of the pain. Numbing the body with drugs to fool the body by hiding the pain may be convenient, but in the long run, expensive.

If you or someone you know regularly consults a medicine cabinet to deal with pain, urge them to consult my office. I promise to help identify the underlying cause of their problem, explain the options and offer safe and natural solutions to their body’s cry for help. Have them contact our office today!