Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don’t Confuse Being Out of Pain with Being Well

Many of my patients start to miss appointments once they are feeling better. Its my job as a teacher to explain to them the phases of healing before they relapse. Getting back to doing normal motions with tissues and structures that are not 100% will lead to re-injury. Most patients cannot afford to "shut it down" meaning miss work, not pick the kids or groceries etc. That's why maintaining your alignment and sticking to the game-plan pays off in the future.

A doctors recommendation is not based on economics. Multiple treatment therapies build off the one before by retraining the brain to re-energize the area which facilitate healing. It also increases proprioception, which is the brains ability to remember where you are in space. Most therapy treatment plans are based on science. A doctor recommends a specific number of treatments based on research studies, clinical experience and the physiology of the healing tissue. Everyone is different with more or less barriers to overcome.

Pain is the last sensation to show up during a chronic repetitive injury, and the first to go away while healing. Long before there is pain there is dysfunction causing neurological compromise, increased muscle tone along with decreased range of motion. Healing involves first ridding the pain, regaining the lost range of motion, increasing the strength lost and finally retraining the brain to keep a certain muscle tone and to hold unconsciously have control over the very small motions of the effected area.

Next time a doctor or therapist recommends a certain number of therapies, remember this article so you can understand why he or she recommends them. No one can give you a percentage of how much better you can feel, but going with these guidelines, you can expect maximum results.

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