Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Questions We're Always Asked

1.What is a subluxation?

A subluxation happens when the spinal segments lose alignment and pressure is placed on the spinal nerves.. These subluxations have a negative effect on the way the nervous system funtions. Dr. Jason Peloquin is able to realign your spine in order to allow the nervous system to maintain balance and function efficiently. Some symptoms that can be caused by subluxations include: numbness and tingling, fatigue, headaches, neck pain and/or back pain. Since immunity is controlled by the nervous system, subluxations can make you more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

2.What is that popping noise?

Gases accumulate in your joint fluids, the popping sound occurs when those gases are released. Knuckle-cracking creates the same sound and tests results indicate that while irritating to those around you, knuckle-popping will not hurt you.

3. Will it hurt to get an adjustment?

From time to time individuals that have not experienced a chiropractic adjustment may feel a little bit of tenderness, similar to what you would feel after a hard workout at the gym. Most patients do not seem to find it a problem. Because, really…….if it felt painful how many people would come back? Based upon on the individual case heat or cold might be recommended.

4.How long will it take?

A typical adjustment takes around 5 or 10 minutes. Times may vary depending on exactly what type of treatment is done. Several procedures take longer and those are influenced by things like exercise instruction, heat and cold treatments and traction. The majority of chiropractors use hands on style adjustments. Some employ an instrument referred to as an activator or a mechanical adjusting device to make the adjustment easier.

5.Will I need to do exercises?

Once in a while I may recommend particular exercises to support the adjustments. Exercises help tone muscles and help provide support to the spine. Several varieties of exercises may also be recommended so that you can enhance the range of motion.

6.Is it safe to give adjustments to children?

Definitely! Children and Infants profit considerably from chiropractic adjustments. With children, different techniques must be used extra care is taken. Sometimes, simply the pressure of a finger is all that should be used. Chiropractors take care of ear infections and allergies. Slip and fall accidents are prevalent with children and are often efficiently treated by chiropractic.

7.Will I need to be x-rayed?

X-raying may be done on a case by case basis. Routine treatments may not call for x-rays, but usually accidental injuries will. Almost always, children or pregnant women will not will need x-rays.

8.Will I need more than one adjustment?

For most patients, it requires a period of time for a problem to be felt. Because the majority of people wait around a short time before attempting to get therapy, the body adjusts itself to the situation and it will require more than an overnight to be able to correct the issue.

9.Someone said my bed could be the problem, is this accurate?

It absolutely can. Old mattresses lose their ability to correctly support the body during the night. Not only can your mattress be a problem, but pillows also create neck problems.

10.Is there a proper way to Sleep?

Most people do not realize it is best to sleep on their back. You can also sleep on your side though shoulder pain may result