Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Health through Chiropractic

Health is an obligatory term used to describe different things for different people. Some think health is running 5 miles a day, some think reducing their coffee is better health and some think that if they play a sport, then this sport will somehow counter balance their habits.
Health starts with a conscious effort and a positive mindset. You need to A) recognize that something in your life needs to change. B) Make an effort to change that thing about you.
I understand that
life needs it's crutches, and no one is perfect, so I became a Chiropractor to wake up the minds of people, in the dark, about their health and the state of the health care system.
Being a Chiropractor means more than just realigning the spine. Its about making the body function at 100% to optimize your God given abilities. When your nervous system is functioning correctly, you are physical and mentally faster, sharper, more aware of your positioning and feeling like you can do anything.
People please stop putting these harmful chemicals inside yourself. The smokes, the soda, the processed foods, the medications. These substances have no life force and do nothing for your health and well-being.