Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Patients

Happy St. Patty's day, and a Happy Easter to all. Today I would like to speak on the topic of new patients.
New patients are the backbone of every successful practice. New patients mean new people with their own issues that need to be addressed according to their chief complaints, examination findings and past medical history. There are many different topics that can compromise a patients ability to get well quickly, but a new patient is a fresh face and a blank slate.
Many new patients don't know what to expect when they first arrive at my office. That's why I encourage them to visit my website prior to their initial consultation. Once they have received an extensive evaluation, I then begin their education about their health, their anatomy and the state of their spinal hygiene. More education is then given on what I can do for them and what I expect of them .
I expect them to commit to a care plan, because I know there is only one way for me to help them, and that way is to have them in the office. They can also practice proper ergonomics, posture, drink plenty of water and take the proper nutrition to ensure a speedy recovery.
Doctors need to remember that each patient has their own individual goals and when helped and impressed, they will stay their course of treatment as well as refer family and friends.
Anyone who doesn't know what a chiropractor can do for them, reguardless of aches and pains, should check out my website on chiropractic for various conditions unrelated to the muscle/skeletal system. God Bless!!!